Professional-grade Application Protection

Powerful Protection

DashO's Android and Java obfuscation and runtime checks have protected thousands of apps for over twenty years. We invest in threat and protection research so you don't have to, and we constantly update our protection to stay ahead of the arms race. DashO has been vetted by thousands of customers all around the world.

No Consultants Required

Protecting your app shouldn't require an army of consultants. You can make your first protected build for Android, Web, or Java in just a few minutes, in whatever build environment you use. We have extensive, easy-to-read documentation showing how to configure protection for your particular app. Our "first do no harm" philosophy ensures that our defaults are safe for your app, now and in the future.

World-Class Support

Our support team is here for you. Based in the US and Europe, our highly-technical support engineers have seen it all - from simple configuration issues that are quickly resolved to deep JRE bugs that we have to escalate to Oracle and make workarounds for. Our customers love our support, and consistently give it the highest ratings.

Extensive Platform Support

DashO's long history means we have extensive support for just about every legacy and modern Java platform - including Android, Java 11, and Spring. Whether you're protecting a mature app that's facing new risks or a new app that you haven't released yet, DashO has you covered.

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Protect your brand with professional-grade protection

Application development teams face an ever-growing set of security threats as apps become more central to business and attackers grow in sophistication. These days, intellectual property theft is just the beginning - apps are also gateways to trade secret theft, customer/user data theft, and to identifying further attack vectors. Breaches in any of these areas can cause serious revenue, reputation, and brand damage. Sophisticated app dev organizations know that investing in app protection is good risk management.

App protection is a complex problem

Basic renaming obfuscation isn't enough. PreEmptive Protection DashO provides many layers of protection: multiple forms of obfuscation (renaming, string encryption, resource encryption, control flow) plus active runtime checks (tamper, debug, root, and more). But it's not just about protection - we design and test all these layers to be sure that they won't break your app as the runtime platform evolves. We also constantly monitor the tools that attackers use and update our protection to counter their changes. Attacking an app with these layered protections becomes nearly impossible - each time an attacker tries to attack one layer of the protection, another layer is there, stopping them.

Trade-offs: time, quality, longevity

App protection initiatives are subject to the same constraints as any dev project: scope, time, and ongoing support. DashO's professional-grade protection is easy to implement and come with PreEmptive's world-class support. Imagine how you'll feel after DashO is implemented: secure in your protection, proud the implementation went so well, and confident that PreEmptive will be there for you in the future. Don't risk your app and your brand on second-rate protection. Invest in professional-grade protection with PreEmptive Protection DashO.

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DashO's professional-grade Android support is incredibly easy to integrate and compatible with R8.
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Java 11

DashO always includes support for the latest Java versions, including Java 11.

DashO's features

DashO provides in-app protection including renaming, string encryption, control flow, runtime checks such as tamper, debug, root.
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Regulations & Standards

Apps are the gateways to data, and in-app protection is a key component of regulatory compliance. Learn more about GDPR, PCI, DTSA, and OWASP.

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