Protect and Secure your Java Code with DashO

Enterprises, software vendors and equipment manufacturers all recognize that reverse engineering managed code is common practice and, with the right tools, extremely easy to do. Our leading Android and Java obfuscator and app hardening tool provides smart application protection and security measures, greatly reducing the risk of piracy, intellectual property theft and tampering.

Modern trade secret laws do not offer any protection from reverse engineering except to say if it is of value, you must take steps to protect it. So, if you have high value or sensitive applications then detecting and responding to attacks and adding difficulty to the reverse-engineering exercise is essential protection against theft of trade secrets (IP) & confidential information as well as advanced targeted threats. We don’t just lead in the application obfuscation and hardening category – we literally created it. Learn more.

DashO For Java & Android:

  • Works with all your Android and Java applications (mobile, server, desktop)
  • Offers the strongest protection against prying eyes and hackers without breaking standards. Induction overloading is the gold standard in renaming symbolic entries. Our experience with optimization means our control flow is highly effective and minimizes performance impact. Our work with various defense departments and top corporations makes our anti-tampering, watermarking and encryption approach very solid.
  • Continually being improved to keep ahead of malicious characters and decompilers. A combination of proactive, preventative, detective, and corrective controls hardens applications against reverse engineering, trade secret theft and tampering.
  • Includes dedicated, live support! Our dedicated, professional team knows how to program and they know our technology and the best way to apply it. Our team will actually speak with you live via phone, computer, or chat.
  • Supports highly-complex development and build environments
  • Hides sensitive strings and keys
  • Reduces the size your apps and improves efficiency
  • Debugger detection, defense and response
  • Quick and easy to use!

Protect Your Android Applications

Check out our page dedicated to Android obfuscation. Learn how to protect your apps from piracy, malware and other popular attacks.

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