Protect and Secure your .NET Code with Dotfuscator

Dotfuscator - .NET Obfuscator provides enterprise-grade protection, greatly reducing the risk of piracy, intellectual property theft and tampering.

Enterprises, software vendors and equipment manufacturers have all come to recognize a simple truth: Reverse engineering managed code is a common practice and, with the right tools, it is extremely easy to do. Modern trade secret laws do not offer any protection from reverse engineering except to say if it is of value, you must take steps to protect it.

In addition, application protection and security is not just an “on or off” issue. There are multiple goals – protect trade secrets, secure against probing application for security vulnerabilities, protect and against tampering, reduce piracy, obtain legal evidence, etc. We believe that our layered obfuscation, encryption, watermarking, auto-expiry and alerting and defense technology can provide the protection you need.

And, we don’t just lead in the application obfuscation & hardening category – we practically created it almost 20 years ago and have been improving it ever since. Visit the Dotfuscator features page to learn more.

.NET Obfuscator & App Hardener:

  • Protects and hardens all .NET applications (mobile, server, desktop). Tested by the industry’s largest and most diverse user community. With an install-base estimated at over 1,000,000 over more than a decade, you can be reasonably confident that every obvious defect has been identified, diagnosed, and addressed.
  • Is trusted by Microsoft since 2003 as the only non-Microsoft component embedded inside Visual Studio. Our .NET code protection is subjected to Microsoft regression tests, security audits, code reviews and quality gates as an organic part of the Visual Studio development platform.
  • Offers the strongest protection and security measures without breaking (.NET) standards. Induction overloading is the gold standard in renaming symbolic entries. Our experience with optimization means our control flow is highly effective and minimizes performance impact. Our work with various defense departments makes our tampering, watermarking and encryption approach very solid. Our commitment to .NET compliance means PE Verify and Mono deployments just work.
  • Supports highly-complex development, build and Rugged DevOps environments. Our code protection solution provides seamless integration with Visual Studio, as well as support for Xamarin and Universal Apps. Incremental obfuscation facilitates releasing patches without redistribution of your entire application suite. Cross-assembly obfuscation extends renaming and other advanced protection capabilities across multiple binaries and distributed development support. Built-in “Smart” Obfuscation provides optimized support for XAML, BAML, XAP, mobile and ClickOnce scenarios.
  • Is continually being improved to keep ahead of malicious characters. A combination of proactive, preventative, detective, and corrective controls hardens applications against reverse engineering, trade secret theft and tampering.
  • Includes dedicated, live support! Our dedicated, professional team knows how to program and they know our technology and the best way to apply it. Our team will actually speak with you live via phone, computer, or chat.

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The Dotfuscator - .NET Obfuscator features page explains how a layered .NET obfuscation approach can provide the protection you need.

Dotfuscator - .NET Obfuscator Features

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