iOS Obfuscation and Code Protection

PreEmptive Protection for iOS protects all your iOS applications, greatly reducing the risk of piracy, intellectual property theft and tampering.

PreEmptive Protection for iOS Obfuscator offers advanced obfuscation transformations including

Simple, automated deployment

  • Integrated with the installed compiler toolchain
  • Automatically protects the compiled binary code as it is created
  • Preserves existing project settings
  • With tools to support debugging your obfuscated apps
  • PPiOS Rename integration

High quality output

  • Minimized performance impact
  • Up-to-date with OS, framework and runtime releases and updates

First class support and ongoing platform investments

  • Live, dedicated support staff
  • Long term product commitment as part of a broad app risk and value management portfolio
  • Support services extended to include PreEmptive Protection for PPiOS Rename

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