Build Better Software with Secure, Actionable Analytics

Managing anything without metrics is like flying blind. Without application analytics, you will miss quality goals, have higher maintenance costs and lower customer satisfaction. With it, you can prioritize work based on actual usage patterns, identify, triage and resolve problems before your customers are seriously impacted and drive both hard and soft costs to a minimum.

PreEmptive Analytics Workbench delivers real-time, role-based insights into application adoption, usage, performance and operational impact - saving you time and money.

  • Cross-platform support including: .NET, WinRT, Windows Phone, JavaScript, Java, Android, Windows C++ and iOS.
  • Monitors your applications across platforms and surfaces (web, desktop, mobile, cloud) using code injection and/or simple APIs.
  • Customer-managed repository delivers enhanced security, configuration and extensibility
  • A complete suite of usage, adoption and trend analysis metrics
  • Built using noSQL indexing technology for real-time feedback and analysis
  • Intuitive extensibility points supporting customized computations and visualization
  • Bundled with an Analytics Data Hub providing unequaled resilience, scalability and deployment flexibility
  • Available on-premise or in a hosted environment

Watch: Introduction to PreEmptive Analytics Workbench

Take an 8 minute lap around the latest addition to the PreEmptive Analytics platform; The PreEmptive Analytics Workbench.