Introducing JSDefender: PreEmptive Protection Now Includes JavaScript

We are proud to announce that JSDefender is now out of preview and available as the latest member of the PreEmptive Protection family. 

JSDefender protects JavaScript code from hackers, reverse engineers, and other malicious actors. It accomplishes this with advanced JavaScript obfuscation transforms, runtime check injections that help ensure the integrity of your code as it runs, and all the classic JavaScript minification techniques. You can read more about its capabilities on the JSDefender features page, and in the JSDefender user guide.

We talk to our .NET, Java, Android, Xamarin, and iOS customers and prospects regularly, and over the years, they have asked us what we can do to protect JavaScript. They are increasingly building high value applications with JavaScript—applications that include intellectual property, contain embedded secrets, process sensitive data, or gate access to critical infrastructure. Those applications run everywhere—in untrusted environments such as mobile devices, web browsers, desktops, third-party cloud infrastructure, and IoT devices. 

In fact, it’s not just our customers who have a need: as we blogged recently in Why You Need JavaScript Protection, JavaScript is the world’s most popular programming language; as noted by GitHub.

We investigated existing JavaScript products and saw that there was a market need for something new, from PreEmptive. So we designed and built JSDefender from the ground up, around our core design principles:

  • Security: JSDefender will not only protect your JavaScript code—it will also never send your code to a third-party cloud service. Your original unprotected code will never leave your build environment during the protection process.
  • Quality: PreEmptive has over 20 years of experience building and maintaining code protection tools. We’ve applied that experience to create a robust tool that will work well with your code and development workflow, and ensure that the protected version of your code runs the same as the unprotected version. 
  • Performance: We approach our tools with a “do no harm” mantra. That means not slowing down your development process or your protected application. JSDefender is designed to run fast, and its code transforms are designed to balance protection against runtime performance. 
  • Flexibility: JSDefender is built to integrate well into modern JavaScript development projects, and includes several plugins. It is also highly configurable at a granular level, so that you can choose exactly which transforms to apply to specific parts of your code, if you need to.

Like all PreEmptive Protection products, JSDefender comes with our world-class, experienced product support, so that you never have to worry about code protection issues slowing you down or blocking your release.

You can get started with JSDefender by downloading a fully functional, time-limited trial copy. Trials come with full product support.

JSDefender is available as part of a PreEmptive Protection Team, Group, or Enterprise license and IS FREE to current subscribers at those levels. Standalone pricing is also available. To find out more, request a quote.