Dotfuscator Professional Edition, Version 6.0.1 – Release Date April 30, 2020

Change Log – Version 6.0.1 – Release Date April 30, 2020

This is a new major version of Dotfuscator Professional.
See Upgrading from Dotfuscator 4 for details on how to migrate from the previous version of Dotfuscator Professional to this version.

Note that this changelog only covers the changes since the 6.0.0-beta release.
See the 6.0.0-beta changelog for the list of changes between 4.x and 6.0.0-beta.
There are substantial changes described there, including:

  • Support for running Dotfuscator’s build components on macOS and Linux, .NET Core, and Mono.
  • A new structure for Dotfuscator’s NuGet package.
  • Removed features, including the Visual Studio integrated UI, which was replaced with an MSBuild integration that supports Visual Studio, Visual Studio for Mac, Visual Studio Code, and command line build tools.

Important Compatibility Changes

  • Updated product name from Dotfuscator to PreEmptive Protection Dotfuscator.
    • The default installation directory when using the Windows installer is now c:Program Files (x86)PreEmptive Protection Dotfuscator Professional 6.x.y.
  • A cross-platform, .NET Core version of the Dotfuscator command line is now available in the Dotfuscator NuGet package.
  • The Dotfuscator MSBuild components now require the .NET Core 2 (version 2.1.x or higher) runtime instead of requiring the .NET Core 3 SDK (or later).
  • Running Dotfuscator on Linux is now fully supported.
  • Improvements to Dotfuscator’s license validation.
    See Upgrading from Dotfuscator 4 for more information.
  • The premark MSBuild task has been removed.



  • Fixed crash in the Config Editor when opening a config file of a project that references PreEmptive.Attributes.dll.