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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Changing Your Passwords

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a month-long effort to raise awareness about the importance of practicing good habits to keep [...]
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Source control mgmt

Friendly Reminder Why Source Control Matters

All work — physical or digital — requires a specialized toolset to master the task at hand. One of the [...]
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Using C# Obfuscation Tools

The internal keyword in C# restricts access of types and members to callers in the same assembly. The InternalsVisibleTo attribute [...]
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CSM hurricane fraud

Be Aware of Frauds and Scams in the Wake of Hurricane Ian

If natural disasters weren’t bad enough all by themselves, unfortunately, they also bring on frauds and scams. Here are some [...]
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Support corner - protecting .net applications that use custom attributes featured image

Support Corner: Protecting .NET Applications That Use Custom Attributes

Attributes are used for many different things in .NET: unit testing, serialization, language interoperability, etc. .NET also provides the ability [...]
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Does Obfuscation Affect Code Performance

Does Obfuscation Affect Code Performance?

The digital age has built bridges to new frontiers. However, these frontiers aren’t limited to the well-intentioned. Unfortunately, malicious online [...]
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Dot 6.5 release blog

Presenting Dotfuscator 6.5: Major Maintenance Update!

PreEmptive is pleased to announce the release of Dotfuscator 6.5, a tool used by software developers to protect code from [...]
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Dot 6.5 PR

Major Updates in Dotfuscator 6.5 Release

  Maintenance updates, bug fixes, and new features significantly increase functionality and ease of use.   PreEmptive has deployed version [...]
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Best practices folder featured image

10 DevSecOps Best Practices to Implement Now

Organizations are under constant pressure to deliver software faster and more efficiently. In response, many have turned to DevOps, a [...]
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